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 Welcome To The Tribe

Welcome to Urban Cowgirl. Here you’ll find Texas recipes, cooking tips, and ideas to live life to the fullest right here in the Lonestar state! We invite you to contact us with your recipe requests, and follow our Youtube channel for video tutorials.

-We’re Glad You’re Here!

Latest Texas Recipe Videos

Latest Texas Recipes

Texas Pie

Happy Sunday gang! It’s Texas pie day! I’m super thrilled to finally reveal this recipe, so grab a cup of coffee and get in this kitchen! […]

Lazy Day Frito Pie Enchiladas

  "The Frito Pie Enchiladas aren't fancy enough for my next cookbook", I said to my husband, Dereck, as we lay in our black vintage bed sharing a box of thin mints, and shamelessly pretending [...]

Houston Rodeo Blue Ribbon Potato Salad Recipe

This blue ribbon potato salad is already a winner—so the 5 star reviews write themselves! I collected this recipe while judging the Urban Cowboys and Cowgirls Cookin’ Competition […]

Sweet Dreams Tea

Today is the first day of Autumn in Dallas and you know what that means?! Absolutely nothing because it will be 92 degrees by lunchtime. […]

The Ultimate Texas Chicken Fried Steak

  This West Texas Gravy beat Grady Spears—cowboy food legend and my great friend—in the Golden Chile Awards, to come out on top as the definitive gravy king. The secret? Well, it’s two-fold. […]

Texas Chicken Spaghetti with Exotic Mushrooms

Have you ever cooked a dish and the first words out of your mouth were, “HOLY CRAP” which you stutter with enthusiasm while stuffing your face with a second bite? You’re going to file “Texas [...]

Dr. Pepper Taco Soup

  Last night, Dak Prescott threw the first touchdown of his NFL career and as the crowd erupted with a deafening roar I realized that we were witnessing the future of our beloved Dallas Cowboys. [...]