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My name is Sarah and welcome to Urban Cowgirl…

 A modern Texas lifestyle, with roots.



My philosophy is home is where the heart is— and for me that is somewhere deep in the heart of Texas.

I’m a 7th generation Texan, private chef, and cookbook author in Dallas/Fort Worth, and this is my little internet oasis for inspiring home cooks and fellow Texans with creative recipes and kitchen adventures.

Bio and History 

In the past 5 years, I’ve had the opportunity to do some amazing things— like visit the White House, write my first cookbook, and star in Season 10 of Food Network Star, but so far, my favorite adventure is being a mom! These are my goobers Gabriel and Micah, AKA the tiny Texans. They make appearances around here a lot.

With my family along for the ride, I write, teach, film, and chronicle everything that I’ve learned! I hope you find it useful and inspiring in your own life, and if you ever have ideas or questions that you reach out to me! For a more thorough culinary bio visit my author page here.

We’re happy to meet you!